Grop 3-6 years

Discover the Benefits of Investing in Your Child’s Health!

At Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool, we offer swimming lessons tailored for children aged 3 to 6!

Water is one of the three essential elements for healthy development: water, air, and sun!

In our swimming courses, little ones under 6 years old enter the water accompanied by a parent, giving them the courage to explore the wonderful aquatic world and building indestructible bonds between parent and child, transforming these experiences into valuable memories.

The secrets of swimming lessons reveal that each child is unique, having their own pace of development and learning, and that movement in water brings benefits to both the child and the parent.

Water stimulates the harmonious development of the muscular, circulatory, digestive, skeletal, and neural systems of the human body. Studies show that a child who practices swimming throughout the year is more resistant to respiratory illnesses, copes better with seasonal viruses, and gains self-confidence and independence!

We invite you to discover the joy, energy, and captivating atmosphere of swimming lessons at Allegria Pool with your little swimmer!