Group +6 years

Discover the Magic of Swimming – the Ultimate Sport for Children’s Health!

Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool is the ideal destination for swimming lessons dedicated to school children!

During the energetic and curious period of childhood, swimming becomes an extraordinary ally. Our courses offer children a unique way to channel their energy beneficially, practicing the only sport that doesn’t strain the joints and doesn’t harm bodily integrity. The discovery of the beauty of water, the acquisition of new skills, and the achievement of performance in the pool become endless sources of satisfaction for children.

The uniqueness, diversity, and vibrant atmosphere of the exercises practiced in our courses spark the desire to achieve excellence, to unveil the secrets of water, and to experience something new with each training session. The pleasure of swimming and making it a lifestyle brings harmonious development, independence, and courage, placing this sport on a podium of benefits for your child’s health.

Our swimming lessons are specially created for the age and skill level of your children, giving them the opportunity to enjoy every moment in the water. Choose Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool to provide your child with an unparalleled experience in the fascinating world of swimming!