Group seniors

Discover the Secret to an Active and Vital Old Age at Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool!

We are the perfect destination for seniors eager to transform swimming into an unparalleled experience.

Our experience proves that it is never too late to start your journey into the wonderful world of swimming. Seniors face daily challenges with movement, pain, and loss of mobility often associated with heart conditions. Swimming becomes an excellent remedy for improving health, as movements in water are much easier than on land.

Studies confirm that practicing swimming 3-5 times a week not only reduces the risk of premature death but can also increase life expectancy by an impressive 53% compared to those who do not engage in this sport. For those with arthritis or joint problems, swimming becomes an effective solution for reducing pain and discomfort associated with these conditions.

To support this health journey, Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool offers a 50% discount for retirees enrolled in swimming courses. We ensure an unmatched experience, guided by Prof. Emeritus Coach Gheorghe Sbora and Prof. Coach Viorica Sbora, to lead you towards a healthier and more active life. Choose to invest in yourself at Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool!