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Craiova-Leamna-Allegria Pool Offers Swimming Lessons for Babies Starting at 3 Months Old

Newborns are born with the Gag reflex, a reflex that gradually fades after 6 months of age and disappears completely around the age of 1 year if not maintained. This reflex gives the baby the ability to hold their breath and submerge, making the aquatic environment familiar, reminding them of the 9 months spent in the mother’s womb.

Through our swimming courses, tailored to both the age level and the needs of the babies, we aim for their harmonious development, both physically and mentally. Returning to the Gag reflex, our baby swimming specialists will teach you how to train your child at home, starting from the first days of life, and how to maintain this reflex throughout their life.

Consultation is free – for details, call: 0740249300.