In today’s world, agitation and stress have reached peak levels among adults!

The countless daily activities and tasks lead to mental and physical exhaustion in people over 18, resulting in a decrease in the quality of life and the onset of depression.

Swimming is an effective means of eliminating stress through the hormones secreted during physical activity in the pool! Additionally, studies confirm that people who regularly practice swimming experience an increased sense of well-being, more energy, and significantly improved vitality.

The absence of joint strain during water movements, due to weight control and the reduction of external forces acting on the body, makes swimming helpful in maintaining increased muscle tone without pain and in slowing down the aging process of the body!

Relaxation, so necessary in a fast-paced lifestyle, comes from regular swimming, and overall health is greatly improved!

Inotul este un mijloc eficient pentru eliminarea stresului prin hormonii secretati in urma activitatii fizice depuse in bazin! De asemenea, sunt studii care atesta faptul ca persoanele care practica inotul cu regularitate au o stare de bine crescuta, mai multa energia si o stare de vigoare mult imbunatatita.

Excluderea solicitarii articulatiilor in timpul miscarii in apa prin controlul greutatii si al fortelor externe care actioneaza asupra organismului in mod normal, fac ca inotul sa ajute la mentinarea unui tonus muscular crescut fara aparitia durerilor si la incetinirea procesului de imbatranire al organismului!

Relaxarea, atat de necesara in stilul alert de viata, apare in urma practicarii cu regularitate a inotului, starea de sanatate fiind si ea mult imbunatatita!